The Last Supper in LEGO

March 23rd, 2015

the-last-supper-in-legoMy 11-year-old son built The Last Supper in LEGO. He started with a green base, laying a white table for the LEGO disciples. A cup (a yellow goblet) and a piece of bread (a brown round LEGO piece) lay in front of Jesus as He sat to eat His last meal before being betrayed and crucified.

My son looked at the famous painting The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, and he placed each LEGO disciple in a similar position to the painting. The LEGO Last Supper was complete in a few short minutes.

last-supper-da-vinciAn alternate way to make The Last Supper in LEGO is to start with the green base, and use plain LEGO pieces in the colors and shapes in the painting. This simplified version can be done when you have no LEGO men, or if all your LEGO men happen to be pirates. (It just wouldn’t be right to do The Last Supper with pirates. It might be good for a literature unit study of Treasure Island, though!)


This Last Supper scene is a beautiful activity to do around Easter time, when celebrating the week leading up to Christ’s death. You can read the conversation that Jesus had with His disciples, and how they sang a hymn… How He said that the bread was His body and the wine His blood that would be shed for them… How He went to the Garden of Gethsemane and sweated drops of blood… How no one even stayed awake to pray with Him… How He was alone when faced with the thought of the horror and sin of the world being placed upon Him and having the Trinity torn apart in one moment of time where the Father turned His back on the Son… My sweet Jesus endured hell that we might be set free from the bondage of sin and death! Glory be His name!

Smooth Words Don’t Mean You’re Walking by the Spirit

March 19th, 2015


Who speaks smooth words? Politicians and car salesmen. Who speaks real words, even if they offend? Spurgeon and Jesus are two that come to mind. Jesus called people names. He did not use smooth words. Spurgeon was also told many times to change the way he talked because it was offending people. Yet somehow in Christianity, people who naturally speak in a smooth, inoffensive way tell real people that they are sinning in the way they speak.

I’m not talking about being rude. Love is not rude. I’m talking about twisting a normal sentence that is inoffensive into a huge insult that was never intended. Satan pits believers against each other by giving them poison glasses. They look through those poison glasses to a person who is real, and they take offense where no offense exists. They assume the godly person is evil, so what they say will be twisted no matter what.

There is a time to speak up and be harsh, and it’s usually when people in positions of power in Christian circles are being used by the enemy to hinder God’s work.

That is the time that even the Son of God called people names. Yes, He insulted the people who were hindering God’s work.

I have seen it so many times. The godly person is called to a meeting with people in Christian authority who have already believed the lies from the enemy. They might even have deep-seated bitterness against that person. During the meeting, they whip that godly person to death. They do not let that godly person call forth any witnesses who would reveal the truth. Even when the truth is mentioned, their ears are plugged and they will hear no more of it.

“His speech was smooth as butter, yet war was in his heart; his words were softer than oil, yet they were drawn swords.” Psalm 55:21 ESV

Christian, if you are being wounded for the cause of Christ, when you have spent every drop of your being in faithful service to your Master, you do not have to go to a meeting where you will be killed by people’s words. You do not have to go there alone. You do not have to go there at all. God will strengthen and uphold you. God will defend you, if not on this earth, then in the world to come.

Don’t let the evil one stop you from using your spiritual gifts. Don’t let him hurt you by turning back on your head every harmless word that has been used against you. Don’t slink down in defeat for the rest of your life.

Find some believers who are walking by the Spirit who will walk in unity through prayer, and begin everything that you do for God in prayer. Ask Him if you are to lead a certain event or activity, and if the Lord is behind it, He will carry you and provide for you despite all the opposition. Because the Lord rules on high, and His designs will not be thwarted. Walk in confidence if you have committed your ways before Him, and He will direct your steps.

Garden Patch for Kids

March 16th, 2015

garden-patch-for-kidsWhy not make a fun garden patch for kids? Your children can enjoy playing in the dirt and can watch the plants grow. Here is how your child can design his or her own garden patch.

Designing a Garden Patch for Kids

  • Find a spot in your backyard where you can place a garden patch. A sunny spot will work better than a shady one.
  • With a large shovel, dig a hole about a foot deep, removing any bad soil and replacing it with good soil. If the soil is good already, then just fluff it up with the shovel.
  • You can buy some fencing at a dollar store or make your own by hot gluing large popsicle sticks together in the shape of a fence. Stab them into the soil.


  • Choose some plants from a local nursery, and set them on top of the area, re-arranging the plants until the tall ones are in the back and the shorter ones in front.


  • Now dig a hole for each plant, take the plant out of the container, and place the plant into the soil. Pat the dirt around it like a nice comfy blanket.
  • Water your garden. Give it a long drink with a gentle spray, either with a hose or with a watering can
  • Enjoy your garden.


Gardening with Kids

March 9th, 2015


Gardening with kids is a joy! The kids can see a plant growing up out of the soil into a large and beautiful plant. Getting fresh air and sunshine is good for children, and they are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables when they grow their own plants.


First you will want to find a plot of ground for your child to plant his or her garden. There was a small square plot at the front of our house, and my son chose that space for a small tomato plant. If you look at the picture above, last year his plant grew to ten times the size in just three months! The tomatoes tasted wonderful. He wanted to sell them, but they were just too good. So into his mouth they popped.


This year my son wanted to plant strawberry plants. I told him that a contained area is great for strawberry plants, which tend to take over the whole yard like a weed. The strawberry plants thrived as well.

Tips for Gardening with Kids

  • Make sure that the soil is rich in the area where your child is planting. You will want to dig out the bad soil and replace it with good gardening soil.
  • Don’t forget to water your plants. You might want to place a note on the refrigerator to remind your child to water the plants.
  • Let the child choose the plants. This way they will be more interested in the growth and produce of their plants.
  • Choose plants that are native to your area. You are more likely to succeed if the plants are indigenous to the area. You can find those in local nurseries rather than big chain stores that ship their plants from outside your state.

Have a wonderful time gardening with your kids!

LEGO Chemistry

March 2nd, 2015


My son illustrated how water dissolves salt in a solution, performing LEGO chemistry! He started with a square green base. He placed yellow and orange LEGOs on the bottom, representing Na and Cl. The Na (sodium ion) is positively charged, and the Cl (chloride ion) is negatively charged.

When placed in water, the water has a polar covalent bond, meaning that the water molecules are slightly charged. This is because the Oxygen pulls harder on the shared Hydrogen electrons, making the Oxygen side negatively charged. The two smaller Hydrogens are slightly positively charged because their electrons are being hogged by the Oxygen most of the time.


When the table salt (NaCl) is placed into water (H20), the positively-charged Sodium atom is attracted to the negatively-charged Oxygen atom, pulling the Sodium away from the Chloride. In the same way, the negatively-charged Chloride ion is attracted to the positive end of the water molecule (the two Hydrogen atoms).

The water is dissolving the salt by breaking the Na apart from the Cl in this way. The small blue LEGOs are Oxygen atoms, and the red LEGOs are Hydrogen atoms. (In reality, he should have used tiny single LEGOs for the Hydrogen atoms, because they are way smaller than Oxygen atoms are!)


And there you have it: LEGO Chemistry! If you did not understand my explanation, perhaps this video will help to clear things up:

How Water Dissolves Salt

Why not join the Unit Study Treasure Vault and watch the 24 high school chemistry experiments we’ve performed so far!

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