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Missions Trip to Texas, Part 6

Monday, December 17th, 2018


Waking up from El Paso on day 4, one of my ministry partners said we were leaving ice to go towards fire. Literally, we had navigated through black ice through a snowy pass with no snow tires (something that was supposedly impossible) a few days earlier to now pointing our car to the raging fires of California.

We were between fire and ice.

Here is a synopsis of day 4 of our missionary journey to Texas:

I wish I’d had coffee before entering New Mexico. There was a LOT of witchcraft throughout the entire drive through the state. The Holy Spirit prompted us to eat and drink nothing in this state. I said, “Bummer!” to myself because I wanted coffee.

We had to stop once to get gas and go to the bathroom. There were shriveled heads and other shaman items from witch doctors hanging all over the store. We prayed against all of it. Even in the car on the drive through the state, I did deliverance over the area in Spanish, praying and singing hymns in Spanish while taking authority over the area. My two ministry partners said, “Whatever you’re saying in Spanish, it’s working!” My primary ministry partner was hit so hard with witchcraft, but she experienced relief after the deliverance was done.

I felt that our car was a beacon of light in the darkness, a match lighting a spiritual spark of revival across the nation. We felt like Jesus who had nowhere to lay His head. We had nothing. We bought underwear at that Walmart in Dallas because we only had the underwear that we were wearing. We were told by the Holy Spirit to take nothing but what we picked up along the way and what God had approved for us to bring, which included our Bibles.

Now I understood when Jesus sent out His 72 followers in Luke 10, that they were to take nothing with them and minister from town to town. WOW. I just lived it.

Those followers (the true believers in Jesus) were required to leave everyone behind for a short period of time in order to proclaim the Kingdom of God from city to city. Some of these people going on short-term missions were married:

And He said to them, “Truly I say to you, there is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, who will not receive many times as much at this time and in the age to come, eternal life.” Luke 18:29-30

God’s kingdom matters more than anything temporal that we are doing in this life. If we do not care about the souls of the lost, or about the Christians around us who are suffering, we need to examine our hearts and ask ourselves if we love Jesus more than our own comfort.

Jesus is coming! Our time is running out. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are so few, and they are being hindered by Christians. O God, change the hearts of those who call themselves by Your name, and wake them up! May they live only for You and not for themselves and their own comfort and logic. May they look past appearances and false accusations hurled by the enemy against your true followers, and may You protect us from the harm of other Christians! In Jesus’ name, amen.

Stay tuned for part 7 of our missions trip to Texas.

Missions Trip to Texas, Part 5

Friday, December 14th, 2018


On day 3 we briefly stopped at Walmart for basic necessities, and we had three divine appointments! One was a woman who had arrived early to work. We stopped her and talked to her about the Lord. We asked if we could pray for her, and she said yes. After I prayed mightily over her, she looked at us and asked what denomination we were. I said, “I am a Spirit-filled, Bible believing Christian with a Baptist background.” She stood there with a sense of awe on her face as we shared about our mission trip and what we had been doing.

The second divine appointment at that Walmart was a Hispanic lady. God amplified her to me and the Holy Spirit compelled me to stop and ask her in Spanish if I could pray for her. The Lord took me over and I prayed a huge blessing over her. A black woman ran over to me while I was praying, and when I opened my eyes, she shouted, “I got some of it!” The Holy Spirit was placing a strong blessing on the Hispanic lady, who had an overjoyed expression, and apparently the blessing fell on the black lady, too. I wonder if the black lady knew Spanish? The Lord was urging us on, so we turned around after the blessing and found the third divine appointment.

We found a lady who said she was a Christian, but we knew that something was off. She asked me to pray for her, and while I was praying, she said an incantation against us. She was a practicing witch. (By the way, there are thousands of witches and warlocks in this country. The entire nation is delighted with Harry Potter, and now the people—including children and teens–are so bored that they have joined wicca. Our churches are asleep. They are oblivious to the hour. Pray for your cities.)

My two ministry partners were hit by the incantation because they were holding hands with her. I did not hold hands with anyone. My main ministry partner told me never to touch people unless I ask permission from the Holy Spirit. I often lay hands for healing or deliverance and end up getting something transferred into myself. So I’m trying to remember to not touch people when I pray. It makes me sad because I have tremendous love and compassion from Jesus whenever I’m praying, and I often can’t help it and accidentally touch the person I’m ministering to.

Back in the car we prayed against the incantation, and we resumed our trip. That day (day 3) we drove 9 hours from Dallas to El Paso. It was so spiritually oppressive that we were affected physically. We felt sick to our stomachs and began coughing. My main ministry partner nearly vomited. We checked into the motel that God indicated, and we interceded mightily and specifically for the city. The Holy Spirit mentioned strongholds by name, and we broke them. It felt like we were praying for hours, but since I didn’t look at my watch, I have no idea how long we prayed for this city. We were spiritually and physically exhausted when we dropped into bed.

From this point on, we bought hot chicken and other protein at various fast-food places. The second half of the trip cost more food-wise because we were spiritually depleted from warfare that we were fighting. Those of you who do deliverance ministry understand what I’m saying. We still spent as little money as possible on this trip.

Stay tuned for part 6 of our missions trip to Texas.

Missions Trip to Texas, Part 4

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018


Before we left Spokane, my ministry partner said that our missions trip would only be one week. The Spirit prompted her to say this, but I couldn’t believe how that would be possible.

We drove non-stop between Butte, Montana and Dallas, Texas on day 2.

That’s 23 hours of continuous driving. We took turns sleeping in the back seat during the night while another person drove. We purposely spent the least money possible to complete our mission.

We were intermittently fasting and praying for revival for each city and church we passed as well as praying individually with specific people that God pointed out to us along the way. We played praise music and sermons from YouTube, and we shared our testimonies of what God had done in our lives in the past. The time went quickly, and we experienced supernatural joy.

Navigating through the snowy pass of Montana was something else. My husband said I would never make it through the pass without snow tires. I told him I already made it through the pass. God instructed us how fast to drive, and which lane to be in. First He prompted us, “Stay in the left lane and go 45 mph.” It was a 70 mph zone, but we went ahead and obeyed God. Within two minutes, there was black ice. We were perfectly fine as we continued to follow specific instructions from the Lord: get into the right lane and go 55mph, follow the truck this specific distance away, speed up to 65mph, slow down to 45mph.

When God is with you, nothing can truly thwart what He intends to do through you. We felt His presence tangibly in the car. We made it from Spokane, Washington to Dallas, Texas in a day and a half. We stayed with some friends in Dallas. They are like family to me. First we ate some scrambled eggs at their house, and we were so grateful for a hot meal after two solid days of periodic fasting and/or eating nothing but the few snacks we had brought–crackers, sausage, cheese, and bran muffins. Then we took a nap. Later we visited with my friends, sharing our testimonies.

The next day (day 3), the man of the house told us he felt he had spent 24 hours with God. He had been particularly impressed with the beautiful testimonies of my main ministry partner, who has the love of Father God. The love of the Heavenly Father truly shines out of her face, and her humble words are full of power and conviction. God had let her know that throughout this trip, she would feel the ground shake spiritually under her feet every time she stepped out of the car. This happened just like He said!

I believe the main reason we went on this quick missions trip to Texas was to pray for revival for the nation. If you take a look at the map of the United States and where we went, you can see that we covered a considerable distance. I hope and pray that other people circled the eastern half of the country in the same way, ministering and sharing Jesus, breaking the power of the enemy over each city and town.

What God did through this trip was earth-shattering. Like Jesus said, “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.” (John 16:12) Those of you who have never experienced spiritual warfare will not believe the things that happened in the Spirit on this trip. Spiritual warfare is territorial, and we moved so fast that the enemy was unprepared for what we did. Serious intercession through the Holy Spirit broke demonic strongholds that had kept different cities in bondage.

Stay tuned for part 5 of our missions trip to Texas.

Missions Trip to Texas, Part 3

Monday, December 10th, 2018


Let me summarize day 1 of our missions trip to Texas: my two ministry partners and I drove away from Spokane on Sunday, November 11th, 2018. We drove through Idaho and Montana, spending the night in Butte. God prompted us to go to a specific motel (extremely cheap) where He wanted us to stay, and the next morning I understood why: to minister to the woman at the front desk.

It had started to snow, and when we checked into the motel, we were exhausted. Even though the ministry car was straight off the lot, the battery was dead BEFORE I left the car lot, and the car had to be jumped by a worker who worked at the car place. Furthermore, even though the car was in perfect condition when I test drove it, the check engine light came on (and another light came on) when I drove off the lot. I asked the Holy Spirit if the car was okay, and He said yes very loudly into my spirit. I had complete peace that was supernatural.

You see, when you are effective for God’s kingdom, everything comes up against you to try to scare you from obeying what God is commanding you to do. The next morning in Butte, the check engine light and the other light were OFF. I knew that it was an illusion by the enemy. We had been leading people to Christ non-stop for a full month, and we have ticked off the enemy.

That said, I was a little nervous to shut off the car that first night. So when we stopped for gas, I held my breath. The car started right back up again. I praised and magnified the Lord. I take absolutely nothing for granted, and I lean on Him for everything now.

In the middle of the night God woke me up and prompted me to go pray for a man. I got dressed, and one of my ministry partners came with me. While driving down the street of the quiet city of Butte in the middle of the night, God said loudly into my spirit that He loved this city, and that it was His. We prayed over the city, that God would bring revival. God led us to an overlook where we could see the whole city. It was beautiful as its lights twinkled in the night. As we passed several churches, we prayed specifically for revival in those churches.

God amplified a man in a parking lot who was sweeping garbage. Twice I was prompted to stop at that gas station—once on the way out (faintly) and once on the way back (strongly). I parked the car and walked over to the man and asked him if he needed prayer. He was surprised that a red-headed lady was standing in a dark parking lot in the middle of the night asking him if he needed prayer. He finally said yes, and I spoke to him about Jesus. He was visibly moved. After finishing with him, I drove back to the motel for the night.

The next morning the woman at the front desk was sharing with me that she needed prayer for broken relationships in her family. Her kids wouldn’t speak to her any more, even though she had been clean from alcoholism for 26 months. I prayed mightily over her, and she was grateful with joy in her eyes afterwards. This was day 1.

Stay tuned for part 4 of our missions trip to Texas.

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