Fun Winter Activities


Here are some fun winter activities and ideas that I’ve done with my family:

Arts and Crafts
Snowflake Card
Decorating with Snowflakes
Embossed Christmas Ornaments
Decorated Ornaments
Jesse Tree

Baking and Food
Snowflake Funnel Cake
Marble Fudge
Peppermint Bark
Snowflake Cookies
Transformer Cookies
What to Eat with Tomato Soup
Susan’s Wacky Gingerbread House Tips

Winter Exercise
How to Build a Snow Cave
Winter Nature Hike

Field Trips
Horse and Carriage Ride
Hockey Game
The Nutcracker
Living Nativity

Games and Toys
Best Open-Ended Toys Ever
#1 Costumes
#2 K’nex
#3 Legos
#4 Doll House
#5 Baby Doll
#6 Magic Trick Set
#7 Blocks
#8 Tinker Toys
#9 Gears
#10 Electronics Kit
Nerf Guns
Marbles and Ramps
Airsoft Gun
Block Raceway

Christmas Tea Party
“Mug Mania” Christmas Party
Fun Stocking Stuffers for Boys
Fun Stocking Stuffers for Girls
Stockings to Fit Individuals
World’s Worst Stocking Stuffers
Santa Doesn’t Exist
Who Was Saint Nicholas?
Is Christmas Pagan?
Cookie Nativity Scene Fiasco
Christmas Songs I Like
Shining the Joy of Jesus
Real Christmas Carols
The Star of Bethlehem

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