God Provides Through Prayer


Scripture tells us that God provides through prayer, and that we do not receive because we do not ask. (James 4:2) God wants us to come to Him through prayer (Philippians 4:6), and He often chooses not to act until we pray. God has provided for me so many times in my life, specific prayer requests for what I needed. God hears and answers our prayers when we seek Him first. (Matthew 6:33)

The key to God answering your prayers for provision is to give your finances completely to God. This is important, because unless you believe that all of your money belongs to God, you will not have God’s miraculous provision. People that think their money belongs to them often squander their money and then expect God to meet their needs. But they never asked God how to spend His money. They spent their money on self-indulgence (James 5:5) and then had no money left over for food and bills. God will not provide for you when you are a fool.

Of course, the opposite can also be true. You can not spend money on anything and be a complete Scrooge, causing your family to suffer by shivering in the cold because you want to save more money to have a large pile of money in the bank.

This happened to me back before I was married. I considered that my money belonged to me. Because I suffered to save my money, there was no way I would give any of it away. When you ration food to squirrel away money, and you physically suffer to get it, it feels too out of control to give it to someone else who might squander it. I didn’t suffer so that somebody else can squander my money. So I clung to my money as if it belonged to me and not to God. This is one problem with hoarding money. Jesus talks about this in Luke 12:20, where He rebukes the man who dies with a huge pile of money next to him.

I didn’t realize that God actually gave me breath, health, sleep, and talents, and that He could easily take any of these away at any time. My labor is directly related to what God gives me, because He is the one that enables me to work. God owns me because He is Creator. Of course, all the money I make belongs to God.

It was not until I didn’t have enough money to pay bills for 10 years (and I was drowning in debt) that I finally came to a place where I was able to say, “I don’t care if I lose everything and live in a cardboard box with my husband and 4 children.” We were on the point of bankruptcy, and God provided a miracle by changing my heart. I had a deep peace while spiraling further into debt. (I tell this full story in Don’t Fight Over Finances.)

Yielding yourself to God (including your finances) full blast is what opens the floodgates of heaven on your behalf. Because when you seek first His kingdom, He promises that all these things will be added to you. What things? Food, clothing, and everything else you need that is mentioned in Matthew 6:25-34.

Listen to this prayer audio to understand how God provides through prayer:

During the audio, I mention the testimony of God’s provision by giving me back my honeymoon from the rapist. This free audio is here: A Getaway with Your Husband.

God truly does provide for us! I promise this is true if you will only yield to Him in the area of finances. I didn’t even mention George Muller, who prayed each day for food for His orphans, and God provided. Or Corrie Ten Boom, who flew over to the U.S. and didn’t know a single person, but God provided all her needs miraculously. All the way through Scripture, God shows how He is able to provide when situations appear desperate. Our God is our Abba Father, and He owns the universe. Trust Him to meet your needs by yielding to Him!

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