Missions Trip to Texas, Part 7


Oh, I forgot to say that before we left Dallas, Texas, we took a five-minute detour off the highway to visit the church of TD Jakes. When we pulled up to The Potter’s House, we saw there was a bar across the parking lot entrance, blocking everyone from coming in. We spoke to the man in the booth.

“We would like to get prayer,” we said cheerfully.

The man in the booth replied, “You can come back tonight for the service.”

“We won’t be in town tonight. Is there anyone here who could pray with us? Anyone. Even you?” we asked.

“If I prayed with you, I would be fired,” he said. I looked at him sadly, and he helped us to turn around because we were not allowed on the property. Prayer was prohibited apparently. The booth guy wasn’t allowed to pray with us even from his window.

My main ministry partner was deeply disturbed in her spirit. The Father was grieved at this behavior. My friend had some sharp words to say after we were on the freeway.

I guess mega-churches are all about the performances and not about ministering to people. The famous person has bouncers that make sure the famous person never interacts with regular people. It’s just really odd considering that Jesus Himself was accessible to the crowds directly, even though He was famous. No one will die before their appointed time. God protects those He loves, and there is nothing that happens that is outside of God’s hand.

From El Paso, we drove all the way to Lancaster, California, where my aunt and uncle live. I hadn’t seen them is six years, so it was wonderful to catch up with them on day 5, sharing our testimonies. We encouraged each other in the Lord.

I forgot about the bad traffic in Los Angeles. I lived in California for three years during my college days, and a lot of memories came back. We didn’t see any fires, even though some of the air was smoky. My ministry partner had never seen the ocean, so we took a quick trip to Santa Monica. We stayed for less than an hour. During that time, we felt refreshed by the Holy Spirit.

Then we shot up the Interstate-5 freeway as far as we could. The Motel 6 was completely full when we were ready to turn in for the night at 11pm, so we went to Travelodge next door, which was slightly more expensive. We were so exhausted that we might have crashed the car if we had kept going. I felt dizzy and mesmerized by the road.

The last day (day 6), we drove for 15 hours all the way to Spokane. It was Saturday night. We had left the previous Sunday, and we had arrived by Saturday night. So we were gone 6 nights (7 daytime days). We had driven 71 hours total.

Here is a synopsis of the last two days of the missions trip:

Before arriving back, we ministered to people along the way, praying for each city. The most significant moment on day 6 was when someone was texting us, “Stop NOW.” I told my friend to stop immediately. We pulled over to a diner in the middle of nowhere, and I ordered one bowl of soup and three waters. None of us was hungry, but my friend who texted me said I needed to eat soup, and she was prompted by the Spirit to tell us to stop. She was supposed to come on the trip with us (I found out later!)

The waitress came to take our order, and after my soup was brought, my main ministry friend asked the waitress, “Do you believe in Jesus Christ?”

She said yes, that she had given her life to Christ as a child and been baptized, but that now she practiced wicca. My ministry partner already knew that she was a practicing witch and continued the conversation while I prayed over my soup, asking God to bless it. I was suddenly very hungry, and the soup tasted wonderful.

The witch asked us to pray for her, so my ministry partner prayed mightily over her, binding the spirits on her and setting her free from oppression so that she could give her life back to Jesus Christ.

After the prayer, the waitress hugged my friend. She burst out with joy, and she hugged my friend again. By this time I was out of the building, and my friend said the ex-witch hugged her three times!

When we got back to Spokane, it was nearly midnight, and we were exhausted. My main ministry friend commanded me to write our story, and here it is. Thus concludes our missions trip to Texas.

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14 Responses to “Missions Trip to Texas, Part 7”

  1. My heart aches to know there is a church where someone on staff can’t pray over you… so sad.

    • Susan says:

      I agree that a church should always have someone who is willing to pray for people, even if just in the front office, which is usually open during business hours in most churches. The fact that a huge church had no one who could pray with people who wanted prayer is strange, to say the least.

  2. Just Wow! My heart is deeply grieved to know a staff member would be fired for praying. Jesus always drew people in and not keep them out. What an amazing trip and people say that miracles, healings, and God speaking through others is done. You are living proof, my friend God is alive and on the throne. When we have servant’s hearts which desire obedience to the Father, He can do anything! I’ll message my address to you in case God calls you to the East Coast 🙂

    • Susan says:

      It took quite a few years of suffering for me to get to the place where I am now, where God flows freely though me and miracles happen. But I still get under a lot of spiritual attack because of it. Yes, I would love your address if I ever end up on the East Coast. One of my sisters just moved to Boston.

  3. Interesting! I was a Wiccan before coming to Christ. I remember thinking I’d never be Christian and that Wicca was the right way. I know better now. I wish someone had shown me the way and prayed for me then.

    • Susan says:

      Wow, what a great testimony you have! Coming from a Christian missionary family, I thought my testimony was so boring. Now I’m grateful that God kept me from a lot of pain I never had to go through (although I’ve been through a lot of spiritual attacks in my life, which have caused heartache.) I’m so glad God brought you to Himself!

  4. Edith says:

    It’s sad that as churches get bigger the personal touch is often lost. We must continually ask God to help us remain true to our calling no matter how famous we become. Loved the part you stopped to eat although you weren’t hungry at first and that opened the door of ministry to a witch. Praise the Lord! <3

  5. Susan, Once again, all I can say is “Wow!” Your experience is so amazing. I wish it could be broadcast on the national news, for all people to see what Jesus Christ can do through a will spirit. Amen, and hallelujah!

  6. Alice Mills says:

    What an incredible witness to that woman! Thank you for taking me on your journey in this post!

  7. Zaibel says:

    That’s so strange that they wouldn’t pray with you guys. But it’s really cool what your doing. Keep up the good work. I will pray for you and your team

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