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Becoming a Prayer Warrior: A Personal Journey is a five-week women’s prayer Bible study that will help the reader see how to practically implement specific commands about prayer in Scripture. Personal stories of how the writer became a prayer warrior are interwoven with Scripture so that women can clearly see that anyone can be a mighty woman of prayer. The key to a powerful prayer life where God works and answers is found in aligning one’s will to God’s will.

The first week will help the woman to get started as a prayer warrior, showing that we often pray for the wrong things, focusing on circumstances rather than our own transformation. What kinds of results can you expect from this kind of prayer? How do you lean on God for provision in specific circumstances? How do you get wisdom? And how do you engage your heart when you pray?

The second week helps you to organize your prayer life visually. You will learn how to magnify the Lord with fear and trembling, confess and repent of any known sin to be heard by God, have a deeper trust in God, and give thanks to Him by remembering what He has done in your life.

The third week covers obstacles to prayer, including how to overcome distractions and how to stay focused during prayer. How does being attacked by other believers affect your prayer life? How do you recognize true and false guilt? And how do you respond when God is silent?

The fourth week deepens your prayer life. How do you hear and respond to God? How do you pray with expectation? How do you deal with sorrow, and how do you practically fight sin in your life?

The fifth week is a commitment to prayer, where you begin leading others in prayer. How do you pray effectively with a friend or spouse? What can you learn from children’s prayers? And how do you stay in constant communion with the Lord so that your life will maximally glorify God?

The manuscript for this book is finished, edited, and ready to go to print. To get published through a traditional publisher takes years, and I have to prove that I have an audience of thousands of women. So I recently started a Facebook page for Becoming a Prayer Warrior, to show publishers that women are interested in the topic of prayer.

While I’m waiting for this long process to unfold, I would love to teach this Bible study to a group of women in my own home. If you are a woman who lives in the Spokane, Washington area and would like to join me on Thursday nights starting on September 5th 2013 from 7-8pm, you are welcome to come. E-mail me at of you are interested.

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  1. Kelli Waite says:

    How do I get your ebook? I do not have a facebook account to like your page to get it free…Is there another way? Thank you

  2. Angie Camacho -Lopez says:

    Can you please send me book.
    Thank you

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