Renaissance Unit Study


This is what we will be doing for our Renaissance Unit Study:

  • Renaissance notebook
  • Attend a Shakespeare-in-the-Park play
  • Read and discuss several famous Shakespeare plays
  • Fun and interesting Shakespeare books for younger kids
  • Diagram of a ship with labeled parts for explorers
  • Design ships and sail them
  • Make a Renaissance cap
  • Put together a model of the Globe Theater
  • Performances of paper dolls with Shakespeare characters
  • Reformation videos with Reformation Day performance
  • Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions
  • Make your own inventions
  • Draw proportions of human body


Join the Unit Study Treasure Vault to watch us doing each of the activities mentioned in the video.

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2 Responses to “Renaissance Unit Study”

  1. Sounds like fun times! I was thinking of picking up one of the Shakespeare comic books from Timberdoodle when we get to that time period.

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