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LEGO White House

Monday, February 9th, 2015

lego-white-houseMy kids made a LEGO White House when we studied the Presidents of the United States. We made it out of regular LEGO’s. First we read a book about the White House, where all the Presidents have resided since John Adams.Then one of my sons wanted to make a model of it with LEGO’s.

We looked at the outer shape of the White House. Using white LEGO bricks, we made four columns and then a triangle shape at the top for the front of the White House. This area is separated from the main residence, as you can see from the top picture.

lego-white-house-2We made a rectangular building out of white bricks, with a door on the front and the two sides. Then we studied the different rooms in the White House, and so we covered the floor of the White House with different-colored bricks for each room. The Red Room, for example, was red. In this way, we were able to make a replica of a White House out of LEGO’s.

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