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I'm Susan Evans. I enjoy speaking at homeschool conferences, teaching creative writing classes, and homeschooling my kids using unit studies.

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Random Facts About Me:

  1. I grew up as a missionary kid in Guatemala.
  2. I lived in England for 3 years as an adult (one year as an exchange student, two years as a teacher).
  3. God has healed me from a brutal rape, although it affected my marriage for years.
  4. I’m married to the most patient man on the face of the earth, and I am truly one with him.
  5. I have a passion to see godly marriages. My husband and I have done a couple of marriage webinars online, and we went through training to be biblical counselors.
  6. The reason I started my website is that our family was about to go bankrupt. I have a homeschool business based on hands-on learning, and I enjoy speaking at homeschool conferences.
  7. I have about 100 costumes at my house which I collected for $1-$5 at yard sales over the years. I started the collection before I was married. (I was the drama director at the school in London.) My pirate costume in my profile picture was $5 for the complete outfit.
  8. I sometimes get in trouble for speaking the truth.
  9. People think I’m funny, but I got my sense of humor from my husband. He makes me laugh, even in the middle of horrendous sorrow.
  10. I don’t want my life to be wasted. I want my children to follow the Lord. I want to bring glory to God with every breath I take.

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