Ancient China Unit Study

Have you ever wanted to teach your kids about Ancient China? This 50-minute video workshop gives you loads of ideas for a unit study on Ancient China:

  • Build a wall of China across a large floor map.
  • Paint Chinese lanterns, or make simple paper lanterns.
  • Choose great books and DVD's from the library.
  • Write a fun Ancient China writing project, with pictures in a booklet.
  • Make your own paper.
  • Find out one way to incorporate PE Chinese-style.
  • Cook several Chinese dishes.
  • Listen to my children read some silly fortune cookies.
  • Fold and decorate a Chinese fan.
  • Write Chinese letters and numbers.
  • Sculpt your own Chinese clay soldiers.
  • Make a home-made compass, one of the Chinese inventions.
  • Go to a park and fly a kite.
  • Do Chinese face painting or make Chinese masks.
  • Make a simple Chinese dragon.
  • Watch a 6-minute firework display at the end of the video.

The unit will take about a month to complete, depending on how many hands-on projects you choose to do. My own children are doing these activities in the video. We demonstrate the activities so that you can see how to do each one. Why not grab this fun unit study on Ancient China for your kids to enjoy?