Growing Up as a Missionary Kid

Bombs went off, earthquakes shook the ground, and people walked around with machine guns. That was my life. I grew up in Guatemala, with my father being a professor of Greek and New Testament theology at the Spanish seminary. This e-book has 34 short chapters describing life from the point of view of a child. It will make you want to climb trees and catch butterflies with your own children. This is not a spiritual book – it's a recollection of memories. From boarding school to theater to furlough, I give you the blunt reality of life as only a child can see it. (Formatted for a Kindle or E-Reader, but you can also read it on your computer.) The e-book is $6.95.

"I just finished reading your book, Growing Up as a Missionary Kid. Wow!! I couldn't put it down. It taught us a lot about the providence of God and His faithfulness to those who follow Him. It was a great tribute to your parents as well. May it continue to be used to show others the life of the missionary journey and encourage others how to pray for those on the fields." - Barb Andre

"I purchased this book at our local homeschool convention this year. My daughter (12) read it in about 2 days. She really enjoyed Susan's perspective and writing style. She usually reads fiction so she was VERY skeptical AT FIRST and then ended up being pleasantly surprised. Thank you for sending all the proceeds to missionaries. How wonderful!" -Prairie Mom

"A great book to make our children appreciate the freedoms we have in this country! Really short chapters make this go quickly! Profits go to missions! I loved this book and so did my kids!" -Felice Gerwitz, author and publisher

Physical Book Also Available

The book is also available in paperback form. Including shipping and handling for postal destinations within the United States, the price is $11.95. (If you would like the book to be shipped outside the USA, please email me before purchasing!) 100% of the profit from this book goes to missions, so you are supporting missionaries when you buy this book.