Homeschool Room Makeover

Come watch a Homeschool Room Makeover for a family with 8 children! You will be amazed at the beautiful transformation, from a dark disorganized room to a bright fully-functioning homeschool space.

Learn how to upgrade your homeschool room dramatically on a shoestring. This one-hour video workshop includes:

  • What makes the biggest impact in transforming a room
  • How to add plants and lighting to create a homey feel
  • Organize books on your bookshelves
  • Frame posters inexpensively to improve the look of your walls
  • Set up wall sconces to anchor a picture
  • Organize your art supplies in a cabinet
  • Make a shadowbox display with seashells or other nature objects

Your children will be learning more just because of the way the room is set up and decorated. Why not feel joy every time you walk into your homeschool room? Grab this online workshop today!