Using Journals To Teach Writing

Have you ever wondered how to use journals in your homeschool? This one-hour video workshop recorded at an Inland Northwest Homeschool Conference will show you how to use different types of journals: regular journals, diaries, dialogue journals, and nature journals.

Handouts with fun journal starters will help homeschooling parents transition into journaling. A powerpoint presentation will bring the main points to life and help parents become excited about this inexpensive way to teach writing.

These are some of the comments the attendees made after the workshop:

“Lots and lots of great ideas. She's passionate [about it], and that inspired me to get into nature journaling!”

“Love how real she is.”

“Very enthusiastic and energetic!”

“Loved all the ideas!”

“Very helpful suggestions.”

“Lots of great ideas. Fabulous energy!”

“I love your energy and enthusiasm for your subject.”

“I really liked the slides of actual journals.”


If you have always wanted to include journals in your homeschool, this is the perfect class to get you started.