Making History Notebooks

This 40-minute video workshop will show you how to put together history notebooks for homeschooling. It covers the following topics:

  • Three ways to organize history notebooks
  • How to decorate history binders and notebook pages
  • How to preserve the work of your children so that it lasts
  • Integrating map work into your history notebook
  • How to make your children's work look good
  • Cause your children to spend more time on their work
  • Fun ideas for adding texture to your pages
  • How to use stickers effectively on notebooking pages
  • Integrating creative writing assignments with history
  • How to use portions of coloring pages for actual learning
  • Using interactive elements in your notebook pages

All of these topics will be covered in this fun workshop. Why not grab your copy today?


**This video workshop is free when you join the Unit Study Treasure Vault.**