Enhance Your Homeschooling with Unit Studies

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The Unit Study Treasure Vault is a huge membership site for homeschoolers, and a great supplement to any homeschool program. You can choose your own math curriculum elsewhere, and get any curriculum or library books you want (we recommend our favorites) to use as a spine for each subject.

Our videos will bring every topic to life for your kids, no matter what time period or science topic. Every area of learning--history, science, geography, literature, art, home economics, PE--can be enhanced through hands-on activities interspersed through the reading that you are doing in any given subject.

Enhance your homeschooling with unit studies for every time period. No matter what you are studying in history, no matter which curriculum or books you are using, the Unit Study Treasure Vault will enhance that time period by bringing it to life!

Watch hundreds of science experiments and never make a mess in your home. Or if you want to do the experiments yourself, watch an experiment first to see how to do it before performing it successfully the first time.

Either way, it's less work for you as a parent.

With over 2,000 embedded pages and hundreds of unit study activities, videos, and demonstrations, the Unit Study Treasure Vault will help you as you homeschool your children. The Unit Study Treasure Vault contains hard-to-find links to the best content on the web plus tons of exclusive videos and articles.

Why not join the Vault today and begin reaping the rewards of a more joyful homeschool?

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What is included in the Unit Study Treasure Vault?


  • Hands-on activities for each time period
  • Embedded videos for each time period
  • How to make history notebooks
  • How to integrate art into history
  • Printables for timelines
  • Printable historical maps
  • Recommended book lists for each time period
  • Virtual tours
  • Hands-on historical games
  • Description of how to conduct feasts for historical time periods


  • Unit studies for each science topic
  • Hands-on science activities
  • A full year of high school biology broken down into unit studies that the whole family can enjoy
  • A full year of high school chemistry experiments
  • A full year of high school human anatomy
  • Embedded videos under each science topic
  • Printables and diagrams for use in your homeschool science
  • Interactive science games
  • Virtual tours
  • How to bring science to life for your children


  • Charlotte Mason-style summaries for each book of the Bible
  • Using simple costumes and props to teach the Bible
  • How to make your own Bible games
  • Video demonstrations of Biblical feasts, models, and other hands-on activities for Bible class
  • Embedded videos supporting Bible topics
  • How to dramatize Scripture stories
  • Unit studies for every book of the Bible


  • Unit studies for many countries
  • How to teach geography to your students
  • Printable maps
  • Map making and geocaching
  • Virtual tours of many famous cities
  • Embedded videos for countries and cultures
  • Hands-on geography activities
  • Making the most of a road trip across the U.S.A.
  • Edible geography


  • Unit studies for many works of literature
  • How to quiet your children for reading
  • Hands-on activities for literature
  • How to teach Shakespeare to your children
  • How to improve reading comprehension
  • Embedded videos that support classic literature

Art and Music

  • Fun art activities for children
  • How my children learned to draw
  • Creating your home art gallery
  • Mask-making
  • Paper crafts
  • Pottery, Play-Doh, and clay
  • How to make luxurious paper bag puppets
  • Interactive music games
  • Embedded videos for art and music

Home Economics

  • Cooking and baking with children
  • Simple sewing projects
  • Teaching chores and responsibility
  • Money management for kids
  • Gardening ideas
  • Embedded videos for home maintenance and sewing
  • Simple recipes
  • Keeping the home organized

P. E., Field Trips, and Seasonal Activities

  • Incremental how-to videos for individual sports
  • Field trips that support unit studies
  • Career field trips
  • Seasonal hands-on activities, crafts, baking, and field trips

Look at a sampling of the unit studies in the Vault:

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Only $14.95 a month    

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