How to Hear God’s Voice


Do you wonder how to hear God’s voice? How do you differentiate between the voice of God and the voice of the enemy, our flesh, or even our own thoughts? God often speaks through Scripture. But guess what? Satan also uses Scripture to rationalize sin in our lives. Just think of how Satan tried to get Jesus to sin. He tempted Jesus through quoting Scripture. This sends shivers down my spine.

The voice of God is not audible, but it’s a clear impression that is similar to your own thoughts. This is why people often confuse God’s voice with their own thoughts or words from the enemy. After teaching the session on How to Hear God’s Voice at the prayer Bible study in my home, many women asked for a chart that would help them to distinguish the voice of God from the voice of our flesh or the enemy. First I will list what God’s voice is like, and then I will list what the enemy’s voice is like. At the end, I will give you a downloadable PDF for you to print out, to help you visually see the differences.

God’s Voice

  • Selfless
  • Doesn’t contradict Scripture
  • Quiet and confident; not forceful
  • Personal
  • Often the opposite of what you expected
  • Leads gently; doesn’t push
  • Focused on the present, on what you should do today
  • Peace results when obeyed
  • Sometimes seems impossible, but God empowers you to do it

The Enemy’s Voice / The Flesh

  • Uses logic and reasoning to persuade you to do it
  • Self gain (selfish)
  • Sometimes based on emotion
  • Urgent
  • Forceful; gives orders
  • Works with what we pre-suppose
  • Motivated by fear of what other people think (or other fear)
  • Focused on the past (to condemn us) or on the future (to worry us)
  • No peace; tumult

Next time you wonder whether your thoughts are from God or from the enemy, examine your thoughts to see which side of the chart you’re on:

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