Bring more joy to your home through hands-on learning.

I'm Susan Evans. I help homeschool moms bring more joy to their home through hands-on learning. I also encourage women to draw closer to God by making their faith real. I enjoy speaking at conferences, teaching creative writing classes, and homeschooling with unit studies.

Main Sections of This Site:

On this website you will see hundreds of fun articles, videos, and blog entries. Everything that I do points to hands-on learning. I write a ton about homeschooling in all areas: science, history, geography, literature, writing, math, Bible, PE, and other miscellaneous subjects. I've created a huge Unit Study Treasure Vault, a membership site with over 2,000 fully loaded pages to actively engage your children in all subjects of homeschooling. I'm also the author of these two books:

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31 Days of Bible Crafts

Here is an index for my popular blog series: 31 Days of Bible Crafts. I wrote these posts so that parents could teach their children the Word of God with joy. While describing how to do many of these crafts, I draw spiritual significance from the project itself. I’ve chosen many symbols to represent spiritual truths. (Read more...)

Unit Studies for Homeschool

Unit Studies 101

This 5-part series will give you a crash course on unit studies: what they are, how they are different than textbooks, and how to put them together. You will also find out how to accelerate your children's education through the use of unit studies. (Read more here.)

Time Travel: Writing Historical Fiction (Read more...)

Online Creative Writing Course for Children

Elementary Chemistry Series! 16 fun video episodes with simple chemistry experiments: (Read more...)

  • - Chemistry Tools
  • - Filtration Experiment
  • - Make Your Own Element Cards
  • - Mixtures and Compounds
  • - How to Build Atomic Models
  • - Atomic Cookies
  • - Building Molecular Models
  • - Breaking Covalent Bonds
  • - Acids and Bases
  • - Dissolving Calcium with Acid
  • - Measuring the Volume of a Solid
  • - Testing Charles’s Gas Law
  • - Saltwater Experiment
  • - Saturated Solutions
  • - Freezing Alcohol
  • - Hydrocarbons