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Years ago, after hearing a powerful sermon on prayer, I felt convicted that I didn't pray enough. At that point I decided that I wanted to become a prayer warrior, that I would do whatever was required to have a deeper walk with God in this area. I've written many articles about prayer over the years in preparation for writing the book Becoming a Prayer Warrior: A Personal Journey. The first five were the first articles I ever wrote on this website, after asking God what He wanted me to write:

Prayer Articles

Introduction to Prayer

Cultivating a Personal Prayer Life

Praying with Other Believers

Praying with Your Spouse

Praying with Children

What is a Prayer Vigil

When Prayer is Hard

Unmasking the Enemy Series


Prayer Audios

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 Prayer Videos


To book me to speak at your next women's retreat, e-mail me at To find out more details about my speaking, go to my Speaking page. I also have a Prayer Facebook Page, a Prayer Pinterest Board, and a Prayer YouTube Channel, if you would like more refreshment in God's presence through encouragement in your prayer life.