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Río Dulce Boat Ride

Monday, July 10th, 2017


To break up our 10-hour road trip from Guatemala City to Petén, we decided to go on a Río Dulce boat ride, which is near the castle of San Felipe. We buzzed around in a motor boat, looking at exotic birds and wildlife on the edges of the river.

The San Felipe Castle was built on the edge of Río Dulce, so we were able to buzz by it, seeing it sparkle in the sunshine. It was built in the 1500’s by the Spaniards, who had come to colonize the area.


The palm trees and tropical foliage came right down into the water, and the boat man slowed the boat down so that we could look more closely at the wildlife. Take a look at the video footage from the trip:

Some of the plants are parasitic and grow on the palm trees. Along with the moss and tall grasses, the area looks pretty much like a tropical jungle.


My husband took each of these spectacular bird pictures. I especially like the white one with the long neck. I captured that one flying in the video, too!


We saw a flock of the strange-looking black-colored birds, too. They sat on stumps sticking out of the water, or they congregated on old wooden docks. We saw a turtle sunning himself under one of these docks:


We enjoyed this boat ride very much, since it was the first big event since landing in Guatemala. If you missed our first couple of rainy days, check out this post. The Río Dulce boat ride happened on day 3, along with the Castle of San Felipe, which is coming up next!

Don’t miss any posts in this Guatemala Adventure series! Follow my Missionary Kid page for extra photo albums and videos of random Guatemala activities we fit in around the edges of our trip.

Boat Birthday Party

Monday, June 29th, 2015


A boat birthday is perfect for the summer! What better excuse to spend some time on a nearby lake? Last weekend we celebrated my son’s birthday by giving him a boat birthday party. If you have friends who own a boat, it doesn’t have to cost you any money. If you don’t have friends who own a boat, you will need to save up to rent a motor boat. But it’s an experience that your family will never forget!


How to Make a Boat Party Invitation

I made the boat invitations by using some origami paper and folding it into a boat. Then  I stabbed a wooden skewer in through the bottom of the boat, and I taped it in place. Then I printed out the information for the party, and I cut it out in a sail shape and stabbed the skewer through the sail. Finally, I added a tiny flag at the top, taping it in place.


How to Make Lake Cupcakes

Bake some cupcakes and frost them with blue frosting. You will need to stir blue food coloring into white frosting. With a knife, make little waves on top of the blue frosting “water.” Super easy!

You will want to make cupcakes rather than cake if you are planning to eat it on the boat. Make sure to place the cupcakes into a container and put them on ice in a cooler so that they do not melt on a hot summer day in the boat.


Enjoy a day of boating. Often the best gifts are experiences.

My daughter had never been on a boat, so it was super exciting for her. We borrowed a large innertube from a friend and attached it to the boat. The kids loved taking turns being pulled on the innertube by the boat!


Okay, maybe the children weren’t the only ones enjoying the boat birthday party!



Monday, July 19th, 2010


One fun summer activity that is refreshing is boating. Boat rentals aren’t always expensive, depending on where you are. If you know someone who has a boat, you don’t even need to spend any money. Zooming around on a lake, or just floating in a canoe can take your mind off your normal routine and help you to relax with nature. If you choose a raft with oars, a paddle boat, a kayak, or a canoe, you can also get some exercise, which will clear your mind as well. Being out in the sunshine and fresh air is sure to invigorate you.

My sister once gave us a raft, which we inflate every year when we go to camp. Make sure you have life vests. If you buy them used at yard sales and Goodwill, test them out by seeing if they will hold you up in the water before you strap the life vest onto your kid. I’ve found good life vests for as little as $1 at yard sales.


When you go out with a child or two, it’s a good bonding experience for your family. The children feel like they are on an adventure. Make sure your children have sunblock on. I’ve sometimes forgotten, and the kids come home with sunburns.

Last year my husband taught my oldest son how to have control over a canoe. My son was able to steer it, paddle it, and turn it around. So my son was able to learn a skill as he was out on the water. The fewer people that are around, the more tranquil it will seem. You can even go fishing over the side of the boat.

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