Unit Studies

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Integrating Art Into History
Making Literature Fun
Pilgrims Unit Study
Fun Bonding Activities For Christmastime
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Using Simple Costumes and Props to Teach the Bible
Living Geography: Travel the World from your Living Room
Living Science: Bringing the Outdoors into Your Home
Making History Notebooks
Romeo and Juliet Unit Study

Everything You Need to Know about Unit Studies

Introduction to Unit Studies: This 5-part series will give you a crash course on unit studies: what they are, how they are different than textbooks, and how to put them together. You will also find out how to accelerate your children's education through the use of unit studies.

Unit Studies 101:

Examples of Unit Studies

Hands-on activities are the best way to learn!

Unit studies include many hands-on ideas to re-enforce learning. Here are some fun unit study activities, indexed by subject:

Ancient Egypt Unit Study

Renaissance Unit Study

Earth and Space Unit Study

Bible Unit Studies

Geography Unit Studies